Na Meakanu o Wa`a
o Hawai`i Kahiko

The "Canoe Plants"
of Ancient Hawai`i©

Canoe Plants of Ancient Hawaii
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Today's guide to yesterday's life-sustaining plants.

identification  •  descriptions
propagation methods
cultural uses  •  medicinal uses

Fresh up to date information useful in today's island life.

Drawings or images of most plants are included.

Introduction  •  Table of Contents

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Written by Lynton Dove White
Website by Scott Crawford

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Dedicated to the Kanaka Maoli of Hawaii Nei
and all those who work so diligently and carefully
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Malama Pono.

Voyaging Canoe
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Eia Ka Halawai

Eia Ka Halawai Ana Kuahiwi Hawai'i.....
Here is the gathering of the mountains of Hawai'i
He Puna Wai Ola O Na Pua.....
It's the wellsprings for the blossoms (progeny)
  "OLA" / clap
Eia Na Wai Puna Hawai'i.....
Here are the waters of Hawai'i
E Ola Na Pua I Ka Malu 'Ai.....
Life in peace and comfort
  "OLA" / clap
Eia Na Pua Hawai'i.....
Here are the progeny of Hawai'i
E Ola Kahua Kukulu Kanawai A Loina.....
Life to the foundation of law and protocol
  "OLA" / clap
Eia Kekaulike.....
Here is balance and equality
O Ka Hale O Ku, O Ke Hale O Noho.....
Where the house stands, there man dwells
  "OLA KA OHANA" / clap
Eia No Ka Ho'i.....
Here it is / It is correct.

Copyright © Lynton Dove White